Today We Baked Croissants

I say “today” but it was a two day process.  We used the recipe from Cook’s Illustrated.  Yesterday we mixed the dough and laminated it.  Today we formed the croissants and let them rise and then we baked them.  They are delicious, all soft inside and flaky on the outside.  I will say that making pastry involving cold butter is a bit dicey in a house with no air conditioning in June.  I would like to make them again and tinker with the shape a bit but I think I’ll wait until fall.


Blood Orange Marmalade

I began with five blood oranges and one lemon and sliced them.  For some reason there were no pips at all in these.  A lot of the recipes that I found online suggested removing the pith and the seeds and adding them in cheesecloth to add pectin.  I decided against this and went with Alton Brown’s recipe. I like big chunks of peel in mine.  Anyway, here’s a link to his recipe:  Here is a photo of the oranges and lemon cooking.

Ta da!!  The finished product.  You cannot see the fabulous ruby red color in the photo because the jars are too big.  I thought I had smaller ones.  I was wrong.  Note to self: check these details in advance.

Here it is on a buttered muffin.  Delicious!  I had a pot of tea, too.  Heaven.




Fluffy Sunday Morning Biscuits

I made these rustic biscuits this morning for our breakfast using the old White Lily Flour recipe.  I can’t get White Lily here but use King Arthur instead.  It is a higher protein flour but the biscuits come out light as air.  The secret, no matter the flour, is using a very light hand so that you don’t develop gluten.  I have been using this basic recipe for years and modify it according to the ingredients that I have on hand.  Today I used cream instead of milk.  They are always delicious!

Club Sandwich Happiness

Made this club sandwich and fries for my sweetie tonight.  He had a hard day at work and needed some happiness and what, I ask you, is better than toasted home-baked bread with bacon, turkey, ham, Swiss and Cheddar cheeses, iceberg lettuce and tomatoes?  Lest I forget, the sandwich was slathered with Duke’s Real Mayonnaise.  Yum!