Blood Orange Marmalade

I began with five blood oranges and one lemon and sliced them.  For some reason there were no pips at all in these.  A lot of the recipes that I found online suggested removing the pith and the seeds and adding them in cheesecloth to add pectin.  I decided against this and went with Alton Brown’s recipe. I like big chunks of peel in mine.  Anyway, here’s a link to his recipe:  Here is a photo of the oranges and lemon cooking.

Ta da!!  The finished product.  You cannot see the fabulous ruby red color in the photo because the jars are too big.  I thought I had smaller ones.  I was wrong.  Note to self: check these details in advance.

Here it is on a buttered muffin.  Delicious!  I had a pot of tea, too.  Heaven.




Fluffy Sunday Morning Biscuits

I made these rustic biscuits this morning for our breakfast using the old White Lily Flour recipe.  I can’t get White Lily here but use King Arthur instead.  It is a higher protein flour but the biscuits come out light as air.  The secret, no matter the flour, is using a very light hand so that you don’t develop gluten.  I have been using this basic recipe for years and modify it according to the ingredients that I have on hand.  Today I used cream instead of milk.  They are always delicious!

Club Sandwich Happiness

Made this club sandwich and fries for my sweetie tonight.  He had a hard day at work and needed some happiness and what, I ask you, is better than toasted home-baked bread with bacon, turkey, ham, Swiss and Cheddar cheeses, iceberg lettuce and tomatoes?  Lest I forget, the sandwich was slathered with Duke’s Real Mayonnaise.  Yum!