This Is the Dream

There is still snow on the ground here in Maine and I’m longing for some homegrown lettuce.  This photo is from two springs ago.  Fresh greens are not too far away!  A couple of weeks ago, I scratched various lettuces, spinach and parsley into some grow bags outside and they’ve been frozen and snowed upon.  We’ll see what happens!

Why I Love Renee’s Garden Seeds

I always order seeds from Renee’s Garden first.  I love that the company has taken the Safe Seeds Pledge and does not sell genetically engineered seeds.  It is also extremely useful to me, a person with a small garden, that they offer some packets containing more than one variety of seed and that the seeds are color-coated with dye so that you know which seeds are which. For example, I purchased a packet of zucchini with Clarimore, Golden Dawn and Raven and will only plant one hill of each.  I will still have plenty of zucchini to share, believe me, but not so many leftover seeds.  The packet art is very pretty as well and I enjoy fiddling about with my little pile of dreams over a cup of tea.